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Yoga Practice
A focus on intention, mindfulness, breath work and alignment that allows you to connect with your body on a deeper level.

Moving through yoga postures creates the space for you to disconnect from your busy mind and reconnect to your inner peace. Improving this connection cultivates self awareness and overall well-being.

You will receive a personalized yoga sequence after the session to advance your practice.


An ancient Indian practice that focuses on bringing you into harmony with your mind, your body, your spirit, and your environment.
Yoga literally means "to yoke," or to join; as a path to becoming whole. The Yoga Sutras describes this path to wholeness in eight parts: self restraints, observances, physical postures, breath control, withdrawal of the senses, concentration, meditation, and bliss. The physical postures refer to the "asanas" or yoga poses; what we simply call "yoga" as the movement practice. The goal of 
these poses is to prepare your body for stillness, or meditation. During yoga, the movement practice, you work on breath control by connecting your breath with every movement. You also use concentration, or drishti, to work through different poses and maintain balance. At the end, you lie down in complete stillness during savasana. This process of moving your body, controlling your breath, focusing your gaze, and relaxing the body teaches you to understand your body, to honor your limits, and to find gratitude in your capability.
Yoga, the movement practice, increases flexibility, strength, & energy. It improves posture, balance, & self esteem. And it reduces stress, anxiety, & inflammation.
Incorporating a daily yoga practice will greatly 
enhance all aspects of your life.


A term used to describe the various techniques of conscious breath control. In yoga this is called "pranayama."
Ancient cultures have known that life force energy is carried on the breath, and where attention goes energy flows.
Breath work can be used to energize the body or calm it down. In the same way, it can be used to heat up the body or cool it down. There are many different options when working with your breath. These techniques can be used in conjunction with yoga for heat & energy, or 
meditation for cool & calm, or simply on their own for a reset.
As infants, we come into the world with beautiful deep belly breaths. This sends tons of oxygen to our brains and stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system. Then as life teaches us to hurry up and go go go, our breathing becomes shallow. We begin to decrease the oxygen flow to the brain and keep our sympathetic nervous system activated. Learning to control our breath, expand our lung 
capacity, and focus our energy allows us to return to that natural state of being.
Breathwork is proven to increase energy levels and boost your immune system. It improves digestion, sleep, self esteem, and creativity. And it reduces pain, stress, and anxiety.
Tap into the beauty of your breath every day.
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