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Lifestyle counseling
A combination of mindset and lifestyle shifts to create sustainable change and improve your health and happiness.

Healing the body and reprogramming the mind increases mental and physical strength and resilience, bringing you wellness, peace and clarity.

You will receive a 4 month program designed to optimize your wellbeing, along with guidance and accountability to keep you motivated and on track.

Integrative Wellness

A whole person approach to health that takes into consideration the mind, body, and spirit. It's the new age version of the ancient practices of Ayurveda from India and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They have beautifully mastered this holistic view of healing and wellness for many, many years. Both practices focus on root causes of imbalance to return the body to harmony. They see the human body as one with universe, nature and the elements. They promote movement practices that enhance life force energy - Yoga in Ayurveda and Tai Chi in TCM. Both practices believe medicine is food, herbs, breath work, and intention which enhance life force energy as well. By maintaining daily practices to harmonize the body with the universe, one can thrive.
The journey of health is not just a physical one, it is the body, the mind, and the spirit. When we mindfully care for all aspects of our being we can live a wonderful life.

The Coaching

An intentionally designed holistic program that will support you through your spiritual journey by strengthening the body & reawakening the mind to the knowledge and power within.

 We will discuss how to:
- Understand your Spiritual Journey through the Archetypes

- Embrace your Intuition
- Cleanse your body for a Clearer Mind

- Renew your Energy
- Nourish your body for a Solid Foundation

- Rediscover your Strength
- Support your body for a Deeper Bond

- Reclaim your Divinity
- Maintain with your own Medicine

The program includes 8 live coaching sessions and 3 live meditation & reiki sessions (indv or grp.) All lessons are 
prerecorded including 4 guided meditations and 4 yoga sequences.
Payment plans available.
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