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Outdoor Meditation
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An intentionally designed holistic program that will support you through your spiritual journey by strengthening your body & reawakening your mind to the knowledge and power you already have within.

Each week covers in depth topics on increasing your intuition, renewing & maintaining your energy, rebuilding your internal & external strength, and reclaiming your divinity & connection to ancestral wisdom, all through an integrative mind-body-spirit approach.

4 Month Group Program

We will discuss how to:

- Understand your Spiritual Journey through the Archetypes

- Embrace your Intuition

- Cleanse your body for a Clearer Mind

- Renew your Energy

- Nourish your body for a Solid Foundation

- Rediscover your Strength

- Support your body for a Deeper Bond


- Reclaim your Divinity

- Maintain with your own Medicine

The program includes 8 live group coaching sessions. All lessons are prerecorded.
Payment plans available.

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